Prefabricated School Construction
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Prefabricated Permanent School Construction

For over 30 years Ramtech has been developing and perfecting the technology of prefabricated building construction to provide innovative school facilities to the education community all across the Southwest. We're experts in the business of providing cost effective and timely building solutions, which is why you should consider using our Accelerated Building System (ABS) method for your next school building program. Our ABS process combines the best of offsite manufacturing and on-site construction techniques in order to produce a building faster and with less design and construction costs than a completely site built structure. It's an ideal approach when used for larger permanent construction projects such as:

  • Full Campuses
  • Classroom Wings
  • Cafeterias & Kitchens

Ramtech's ABS process can also be combined with other permanent building systems to accommodate structures requiring spans beyond 80 feet, heavy internal structural loading, the ability to meet certain types of fire ratings, and large eve heights with more architecturally diverse exteriors. This hybrid construction approach allows us to provide the same speed and cost savings while also offering you a broader range of options for mixed use facilities and larger complete campuses. Whichever you choose, Ramtech guarantees you'll get a value-engineered facility at a lower cost and all within an accelerated timeframe.