Relocatable School Construction
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Leasing Options

How you finance your relocatable modular school buildings are often just as important as the construction details for how you build them. At Ramtech, we're committed to helping you explore the different financing alternatives that will help meet your needs and situation. By utilizing modular construction, both the modular building and the site do not have to be committed on a permanent financing basis, allowing for flexible forms of financing such as:

  • Operating leases from 24 to 60 months
  • Short and long term finance leases
  • Leases with purchase options

These financing alternatives may provide you with greater flexibility in increasing the size or adding features to the modular building required for your facility expansion. We can even help you arrange for an operating lease that can be funded right from your general revenue, requiring no capital budgeting and minimizing the up-front costs. Through our extensive relationships with several different finance companies, Ramtech can help you find just the right financing plan to meet your needs.


Glencoe Public School Elementary School Building

Project video narrated by John Lazenby, School Superintendent at Glencoe Public Schools located 80 miles west of Tulsa in Glencoe, Oklahoma. This video was shot in the library of the District's elementary school building, a facility which was designed and constructed using Ramtech’s Accelerated Building System. The 6,272 square foot six-classroom facility was part of a rebuilding program that replaced some of the district’s original facilities.