Relocatable School Construction
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Building Green

Ramtech's green building approach incorporates a number of construction techniques and sustainable features that make our relocatable school buildings more beneficial in a number of areas. By using a prefabricated factory building process, less materials waste occurs by purchasing construction materials in bulk and storing them in a protected environment that reduces theft and environmental exposure at the jobsite. The manufacturing of the buildings in a controlled environment results in less material exposure to inclement weather especially in the framing materials, and less site disturbance by reducing the amount of time and impact of vehicles and equipment at the site. Relocatable school buildings also provide increased flexibility by being easily relocated to a new location, or through reconfiguration or refurbishment for secondary utilization.


Annunciation Orthodox School Multiple Classroom Building

Project video narrated by Bryant Richardson, Director of Finance and Operations at Annunciation Orthodox School in Houston, Texas. This video was shot in the School's relocatable multiple classroom pre-K building designed and manufactured by Ramtech using traditional permanent modular construction. Totaling 6,400 square feet, the facility accommodates five classrooms each with its own private entry into a restroom area with child height toilets. There is also a large common area for recreation and food service, a combination office and employee break room, lobby area, and convenient storage and laundry rooms. The 90 day project required careful coordination of the logistics in moving the pre-manufactured building sections through the narrow tree-lined streets of Houston's historic Museum District.